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Give your home the attention it deserves with a built-to-last, functional piece of art.

Choose a standalone fixture to make a singular, bold statement, or devise a
coordinated scheme featuring your star chandelier and its matching supporting cast.

Scroll to shop and to learn more about why Old California chandeliers
are an investment that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

We Care About the Details

We want your chandelier to drop jaws for generations. Here's how we make that happen for you.

Indoor Chandeliers

A chandelier is a centerpiece.

If you want it to command attention, it will. If you want it to work quietly in the background, it can do that, too. Our historically inspired interior chandeliers integrate designs that have aged like a warm single malt Scotch and infuse their vintage sensibilities into any room of your home.

With modest and discreet options or ornately decorative filigrees, and a versatile array of sizes and shapes—linear and rectangular, soft and round, or a blend of both—you can elevate any room from pretty to stunning.


  • Chandeliers set apart rooms as special—choose spaces you want to highlight.
  • It's always a good idea to connect your chandelier to a dimmer switch to control the intensity and mood of your lighting.
  • Most homeowners use pendant lights in their kitchens. We like chandeliers for a unique look, especially if you have an island.

Personalized Look

Whether you need to match the current look of your home or you want to establish something new, our metal finishing and glass combinations offer an extensive set of options and combinations for you to choose. See them here.

The Human Touch

We use 21st-century manufacturing technologies, but that doesn't mean we're slapping together flimsy work spit out of a machine. Everything that leaves our factory passes through multiple sets of skilled hands for solid assembly and unique finishing touches.

Domestic Manufacturing

Old California chandeliers are made to order—handcrafted in Southern California using durable, corrosion-resistant materials. They're designed to stand the test of time and backed by our generous guarantee.

Outdoor Chandeliers

Outdoor living and entertaining spaces have become increasingly popular. A chandelier can make a statement in these exterior spaces while increasing comfort and ease of use.

Bundled up in your favorite winter coat with a steaming cup of cocoa, or roasting marshmallows around a fire pit on a summer night—you can relax long after sunset under the warm glow cast by a chandelier that turns the outside of your home into an artistic statement.


Hang an exterior chandelier in gathering or entertaining spaces like

•Pergolas  •Gazebos  •Outdoor Bars

    Or in areas that increase curb appeal like

    •Over the porch  •Back patio  •A porte cochère

    Lifetime Warranty

    Old California's outdoor chandelier are handcrafted from sturdy materials. Those materials and our craftsmanship are covered by a generous lifetime guarantee so that you don't have to worry about the longevity of your investment in your home.

    Old Penny Finish

    Our Old Penny finish is especially popular outdoors. It arrives with bright, shiny raw copper that gradually matures and patinas based on the conditions of your home's natural environment.

    Built to Outlast All of Us

    We manufacture exterior chandeliers from reliably robust, lasting materials designed to withstand the wear and tear of normal weather conditions. Our finishing processes also make the fixtures easy to maintain with an occasional quick wipe down.

    Wood Chandeliers

    Welcome the radiant, wide-open landscape into your home. Our wood chandeliers are a study in contrasts­—a blend of warm wood and classic, sleek metal finishes harmonize the natural world with the man-made.

    With multiple layers, levels and lanterns or glass shades to choose from, the final form of the fixture can be as clean, intricate or extravagant as you wish.


    • Only use wood chandeliers indoors.
    • Some of our wood fixture options have an extra tall profile that adds drama to a space.
    • The wagon wheels and other options from the Sutter's Mill collection are ideal for a farmhouse look, a mountain retreat or frontier homesteads.

    Solid Construction

    You won't find pegs or biscuits anywhere in the construction of our wood fixtures. We use tongue-and-groove assembly and cuts of wood that account for seasonal changes in expansion and contraction to ensure a lifelong, rock solid build quality.

    Inspired by Stickley

    Our manufacturing methods are inspired by the work of Gustav Stickley, the pre-eminent furniture maker in turn-of-the-century New York. His famed chairs are coveted even today for their simple lines that allow the natural beauty of the wood to show, and exposed joinery highlighting their hearty construction.

    Choice Materials

    We use fine cuts of wood that prefer unique and beautiful grain patterns. Some are built using quarter-sawn white oak, a sturdy hardwood with a long tradition in furniture making. Others start with a sapele base, noted for its dramatically toned, shimmering grain pattern. Consumption and growth patterns over the last century caused sapele to surpass other varieties in quality and availability.

    Stained Glass Chandeliers

    The zenith of style. 

    Old California’s art glass chandeliers draw heavily from the early-Modern styles of California that emerged during the Arts & Crafts movement. The mansions of the elite developed into the bungalow courts that popped up all around Southern California and brought the Craftsman home—full of Mission style interior design—to the rest of the world.


    • These are showstoppers—they evoke a sense of grandeur and luxury in almost any space, regardless of what era a home was built.
    • Match colors to your current scheme. Don't see the exact colors you need? Don't fret. Call us at 800.577.6679.

    Art Glass

    If we're honest, we don't actually use stained glass, because that means the glass had color applied with a paint or glaze. We use art glass. It shimmers and shines in its spectrum of colors thanks to its mineral composition. Each piece of glass is hand poured and mixed—no two pieces are alike.

    Experience Matters

    Most of our art glass chandeliers are part of our flagship Wentworth Avenue Collection. It requires years of practice on our factory floor before our craftspeople are able to produce these pieces. As such, only our most experienced staff devote their attention to these stunning pieces. 

    Greene & Greene

    Charles and Henry Greene—brothers from the Midwest—developed the gold standard of California Craftsman architecture and design alongside the members of the Hall Brothers workshop in Pasadena. We have the good fortune of working from their drawings, sketches and original fixtures to channel their design past into your present.

    I love my lights...

    ...especially the one over the table. They have brought such warmth to my home.  I'm still in awe of how they were packaged for the shipment. Great care!  Thank you so much for all your help through the whole process...I'm a very happy customer. —K. Eckardt

    A Look for Every Home

    It doesn't matter when your home was built. A historically inspired chandelier adds a touch of the past to any room.

    Cobblestone Hexagon Chandelier
    Foyer Chandelier

    •Cobblestone Hexagon•

    Freemont Uplight Chandelier
    Dining Room Chandelier

    •Freemont Uplight•

    Cobblestone with Monterey Pine
    Pergola Chandelier

    •Cobblestone w/Monterey Pine Overlay•

    Huntington 9 Light Chandelier
    Great Room Chandelier

    •Huntington 9 Light•

    Blacker House Leather Mount
    Entry Hall Chandelier

    •Blacker House Leather Mount•

    Baldwin Owl and Lake Chandelier
    Gazebo Chandelier

    •Baldwin Owl and Lake Overlay•

    Arden 3 Light Round Chandelier
    Master Bedroom Chandelier

    •Arden 3 Light•

    Pioneer Round Wagon Wheel Chandelier
    Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier

    •Pioneer Wagon Wheel•

    We Supply the Bulbs

    Our chandeliers arrive ready to light with their first set of bulbs. The LED chandelier bulbs we supply are fully dimmable and have a warm color temperature (2700 Kelvin) like a traditional tungsten incandescent bulb.

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