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Up to 30% off Plus Free Shipping*

Restored with Brett Waterman

View photos of each episode and shop some resources picked by Brett and his team for your home.

1887 Mcnally Estate

The Restoration

Brett tackles a historic Victorian home built by Andrew McNally of Rand McNally publishing fame. To retain the home's grandeur, Brett relocates the kitchen and entryway. Then, he tackles the main bedroom and bath, which have lost their original style.

1893 Victorian

The owner of the first house Brett tackled has purchased a Victorian home and needs help again; original exterior elements and colors as well as a complete restoration of the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

1911 Arts & Crafts Landmark

Brett helps new homeowners restore their large Arts and Crafts bungalow by reintroducing period-appropriate elements such as colors, textures and railings while correcting past design updates that did not align with the vision of the original architect.

1928 English Cottage

In a unique neighborhood of 1920s-era English cottages, one of them doesn't fit in. Brett brings this house back in line with the others, reclaims its original character through a number of discoveries and makes it more user friendly for the homeowners.

1899 Queen Anne Victorian

Brett helps the homeowners bring back the Victorian style, re-imagine the small kitchen and add modern conveniences.

1912 Transitional Arts & Crafts

A 1912 Transitional Victorian house is a hybrid of styles, combining Victorian flourish with Arts and Crafts simplicity.

1954 Modern California Ranch

A classic mid-century modern ranch was designed by a prominent architect and almost all of its original details and fixtures are still intact. Brett aims to preserve these elements while giving the home much-needed updated functionality.

1955 Mid-Century Modern Ranch

Brett helps a young family preserve the beautiful, original mid-century woodwork and cabinetry of their 1955 ranch home. He creates more light and functionality in the kitchen and totally reimagines a 1990s-style bathroom remodel.

1906 Transitional Victorian

A 1906 Victorian lost some of its charm due to additions and modifications. Brett returns interior details, like the fireplace and staircase, to their original glory and completely restores the bathroom and kitchen.

1960 Post & Beam Modern

A mid-century modern home has lost some of its original personality over the years. After discovering Japanese influence in the home's exterior, Brett restores it while reworking the interior to include a sliding wall entrance to a large kitchen.

1927 Storybook Cottage

An unusual cottage looks like it's right out of a fairy tale, but it's lost some of its magic over the years. Brett adds details and Old California lighting to the home to enhance the architectural style.

1902 Queen Anne Victorian

An active family of six loves their old Queen Anne Victorian home, but the house has seen better days. Brett needs to completely reimagine the layout while adding more space and updated style.

1926 Tudor Revival

Brett takes on the massive challenge of returning a large 1926 Tudor Revival home to its former glory. In this huge project, he restores the exterior, entryway, living room, kitchen, main bedroom, bathroom and a traditional ladies' dressing room.

1911 Craftsman Cottage

With their first child on the way, homeowners are looking for more usable space and light in their 1911 Craftsman cottage. Brett finds a way to give them both while bringing the original character and charm back to their home.