Snow Woodworks

Snow Woodworks

About James Snow

James grew up being mentored by a father who could fix anything and always teaching him he could learn to do anything.

He was taught the value of hard work his whole life and has carried that through to this day. Though he grew up in the trades, James started building furniture in 1998 as a way to wind down from his job as a police officer and fell in love with the Arts and Crafts movement - especially in the school of Greene and Greene. Along the way, James and his wife Jaime ran a successful custom cabinetry business, which he recently downsized to go back to his first love of furniture building - which he is thankful for you to be looking at.

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Snow Woodworks is run by James Snow in Southern California. James and Brett are childhood friends and James was blessed to have some of his furniture used to stage several homes this season on Restored.

James Snow

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