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Contemporary Craftsmen

Orange County, CA

Interior designer Eric Guenther with over 35 years of experience in interior design and interior architecture, conceived, designed and oversaw every element of this complex project. The house was beautifully sited on a large property but the original owner had combined a number of decorative and design elements with little consideration to an overall concept resulting in a product that lacked cohesion.

Recognizing that without creating the proper backgrounds and architecture, the project could not be successful. Mr. Guenther set about correcting architectural flaw by focusing on the importance of accuracy to this very unique genre of architecture. The obvious decision for lighting were the products from Old California Lighting. They represented not only the look and authenticity but the level of quality that the owner and Eric were searching for. Per Eric, "the staff at Old California Lighting were a pleasure to work with and understood the importance of dialing in every detail."

Eric Guenther is the owner and proprietor of Whim Furniture and Interior Design, a lovely store specializing in interior design and décor elements and wide array of fine gifts. Located @31831 Camino Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano in close proximity to the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano. 949-388-9600 

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