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Garden and Pathway Lighting

Landscape lighting often leaves a lot to be desired—uninspired design you'd prefer to hide.

Old California takes a different approach. We want your garden lighting to
shine as an integrated part of the natural beauty surrounding your home.

Scroll to shop and to learn more about why Old California's garden and pathway lights are an investment that makes your home turn heads.

Execute Your Landscaping Lighting Ideas with Old California

What do you want your landscape lighting to do for you? Highlight a section of your garden you particularly love? Set apart a space in the outdoors for dining and entertaining? Safely illuminate paths and walkways around your home? Create soft, atmospheric lighting for overall security as opposed to harsh floodlights?

Combine options from Old California's garden and walkway lights to execute your ideas. Scroll to learn more about our varieties.

Artistic Roof Garden Lights

Have you ever seen a hummingbird at night? Now you can!

Use an intricately decorative option to highlight the natural artistry of your garden with artistic roof garden lights. These pyramidal lights are designed to be visible and attractive during the day as they are functionally beautiful at night.

They cast light directly at the ground with a roughly six-foot diameter, and the gentle glow in the roof highlights the filigree you choose.

The artwork coordinates easily with other filigreed exterior lighting solutions from Old California.


  • Choose gold iridescent glass to make your lighting shimmer in the daylight.
  • Mix and match these with classic, solid lights to create patterns or drama. Use the artistic tops as a focal point to grab attention.
  • If you want to highlight the artwork during the day choose our new verde finish.

Lifetime Warranty

Our garden lights are handcrafted from durable brass. The material and craftsmanship are covered by a lifetime guarantee so that you don't have to worry about the longevity of your investment.

Old Penny Finish

Our Old Penny finish is especially popular outdoors. It arrives with bright, shiny raw copper that gradually matures and patinas based on the conditions of your home's natural environment.

Low Maintenace

We manufacture lighting using reliably robust, lasting materials designed to withstand normal wear and tear. Our finishing processes also make the fixtures easy to maintain with an occasional quick wipe down.

Garden Lanterns

If you're looking for a full-bodied option these landscape lanterns are available in two mounting styles—a bottom-mounted post or top-mounted curved arm.

The curved arm lanterns glow softly and focus an area of light down toward the ground, and the post mounted lanterns spread light evenly in all directions.

Our garden and pathway lantern selections also feature the widest range of available art and filigree options—geometric and architectural designs, floral silhouettes and vignettes from nature.


  • These look beautiful and elegant as part of a water feature.
  • Create layers of light by pairing these lanterns with larger exterior lighting on porches and columns.
  • Garden lanterns coordinate especially well with our Brookdale or Lockehaven exterior lighting series.

Match Your Flowers

There are several floral patterns to choose from—including roses, daisies and irises—which allow you to coordinate your lantern artwork with your blooms.

Mix Mounting Styles

Don't feel restricted to stick with a single style of garden lantern. Mix the post and shepherd's crook mounts to create variation and layers between separate sections of your home's landscaping.


The Old World charm of these full-bodied fixtures adds capital-R Romance to your home. Use low-wattage equivalent bulbs for soft, diffused glow in your secret garden hideaway.

Angled Pathway Lights

If there are dark areas in your backyard garden that you want to show off or you need to illuminate your path (or blooms) without drawing attention to the fixtures then angled pathway lights are your best bet.

These lights offer a discrete solution with a slim profile. The body and stems are graceful, airy forms that disperse light at an angle, allowing them to highlight a specific area of your landscaping.

Available with a solid body, or with illuminated designs featuring friendly garden creatures. The wildlife designs come with a single color of glass that is nearly invisible during the day.


• Perfect for highlighting planters or other focal point features in your backyard garden.

• The abundant curved lines make these a fun addition to cottage landscaping.


The hooked fixtures project light away from the body at a 45-degree angle. This allows them to spotlight specific areas of your front yard or anywhere else on your home while they recede into the background.


The shepherd's crook fixtures have a playful quality with their floating, curved stems and ruffled edges. They're a perfect complement to a jaunty, overgrown fairy tale garden hiding its enchanted secrets. 

Meet Your Objectives

Choose from four available finishes to make the fixtures fit your plan. The new verde finish and Old Penny finish stand out during the day. The two durable powder coats—textured black or bronze—don't call attention to themselves, and recede as the daylight fades. 

Classic Garden Lights

If you're looking for a traditional garden light option we offer a solid roof in three different shapes—domed, flared and pyramidal. The pyramid roofs also have the option of simple joinery or rivet accents.

Personalize this time-tested and popular option with your choice of finish to either blend into your landscaping or stand out.

The solid roof prevents light spilling upward—these create a patch of light with a six-foot diameter.


  • These are great for creating a perimeter around the home or an individual section of landscaping.
  • If you live in a coastal location the Old Penny finish will age beautifully as your garden develops and grows.

Throw or Glow

Solid roof lights cast a predictable range of light. This allows you to plan for gap-free, even illumination (throw) along a pathway, or to create individual pockets (glow) scattered about your landscape.

Dress Up a Classic

You can personalize the solid roof lights with a selection of delicate finials to accent their reserved design. Mix and match with our dragonfly, hummingbird and customer favorite monarch butterfly.

Domestic Manufacturing

The Old California team handcrafts our lighting—including our garden and pathway series—at our Southern California factory. We love to show the process in person. Call 800.577.6679 or e-mail to schedule a tour.

I just would like to say that I LOVE your lighting...

I have quite a few pieces in my home and enjoy them every day. Most importantly ...I purchased five garden lights with hummingbird shades many years ago now. What is amazing about them is that they are in an outdoor tropical garden in St John, VI where there are occasional falling rocks, intense sun and heat, and all types of other perils. They are as beautiful now as the day they were installed! They look so delicate yet are amazingly sturdy. Thank you for making such excellent products!! —L. Taft

A Solution for Your Landscape

Gardens of all shapes, sizes and varieties deserve to flaunt their charm.

Landscape Lanterns
Landscape Lanterns

Dragonfly Lantern

Flare top Lighting
Zen Garden Lighting

Flare top Lighting

Hummingbird Pathway Light
Front Yard Lighting

Hummingbird Pathway Light

Butterfly Pathway Light
Butterfly Garden Lights

Butterfly Pathway Light

Pathway Lighting
Pathway Lighting

Hummingbird Pathway Lights

Flower Garden Lights
Flower Garden Lanterns

Lily Garden Lantern

Flare Top Pathway Lights
Succulent Garden Lighting

Flare Top Lighting

Supplied with Each Garden Light

Our garden lights arrive ready to light with their first set of bulbs, heavy duty ground spikes and waterproof wire nuts for splicing into your wiring.

Expand Your Low Voltage Lighting

Our outdoor garden and pathway lighting is wired at 12 volts, a low voltage option. We do not offer solar—the illumination is unreliable. Our low voltage exterior lighting provides consistent, year-round illumination.

Click below to see other low voltage options available for the exterior of your home.

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