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"Luster Art Glass” Vase with Cherry Blossom Design (3003-VS)

Luster Art Glass” Vase with Cherry Blossom Design (3003-VS)"Luster Art Glass” Vase with Cherry Blossom Design (3003-VS)
Brett Waterman

"Luster Art Glass” Vase with Cherry Blossom Design (3003-VS)

3003-VS Cherry Blossom Vase

This vase is handmade and can have variations in color, shape and size. The vase may need additional production time. 

This beautiful “Large” Luster Art Glass Vase with a Cherry Blossom design is hand blown by renowned California glass artisan Carl Radke and will certainly become a cherished family heirloom.  

Carl Radke has been blowing glass since 1970 and is one of only a few glassblowers in the United States who continues to work in this difficult and traditional glass. Available in three sizes, this large size vase is signed and dated by Radke to assure authenticity and to retain its future collector value.  This large Cherry Blossom vase is perfect for flowers or as a beautiful art object on your favorite bookshelf and coordinates perfectly with the Cherry Blossom table lamps by Radke.  

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  • "Luster Art Glass” Vase with Cherry Blossom Design (3003-VS) - 3003-VS Cherry Blossom Vase

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Luster Art Glass was originated by Louis Tiffany in 1881 and was popular during the early part of the twentieth century. By the mid 1920’s Luster Art Glass had fallen out of favor and practically became a lost art.  Art programs at several California universities began to rekindle an interest in glassblowing and in Luster Art Glass specifically in the latter part of the 1960’s. Luster Glass is a very specialized glassblowing medium.  Because of the silver content in the glass, it has always been one of the most costly forms of glass ever produced.  In addition to the high cost of the raw materials used in Luster Glass, other factors prevent this volatile studio glass from being mass produced in a large factory environment. 

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