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Cabinet & Hardware

Kitchen hardware is literally used hundreds of times a day.
This is why Brett selected classic hardware made from
brass to stand the test of time and use.


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1911 Arts and Crafts Landmark - Drawer Pull

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These Vintage drawer pulls work perfectly with the newly restored kitchen while matching the large brass appliance pulls.

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1911 Arts and Crafts Landmark - Kitchen Latch

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Brett selected door latches on a few of the cabinet doors.  Selecting a brass finish to complement the drawer pulls and adding that finishing touch.

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Vintage Refrigerator Handles

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Vintage appliance pull handles made from brass attached to the custom panel complete the look of this one-of-a-kind kitchen while matching the cabinet pulls.

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1911 Arts and Crafts Landmark - Kitchen Cabinets

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Bonnema Cabinets are Brett's go to company for cabinets.  Working closely with Brett and bringing his vision to life with expert craftsmanship and attention to…

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4 Items

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