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Selecting efficient appliances while keeping the style
of the kitchen was key to this renovation for the homeowners.

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1954 Modern California Ranch - Refrigerator

Click here to shop this Sub-Zero Refrigerator
There's nothing like a Sub-Zero refrigerator, but selecting this model with the panel-ready design allowed Brett to seamlessly match the front panel along…

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1954 Modern California Ranch - Range

Click here to shop this Viking Range
Cooking plays a major role in the homeowners everyday life and with the addition of the Viking Range life just got a lot easier.

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1954 Modern California Ranch Modern - Dishwasher

Click here to shop this BOSCH Dishwasher
The panel ready feature was the main selling point for installing this BOSCH dishwasher.  Brett was able to use a matching panel to seamlessly blend…

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3 Items

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